David Joffe "About me", in brief:

• I am co-founder of TshwaneDJe Software and Consulting, and lead developer of a.o. TLex lexicography software, tlTerm terminology management software, tlCorpus corpus query software, and tlDatabase generic data editing software.

• My CV/Résumé »

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• My blog » (with miscellaneous commentary on art, software, science, reason, etc.) ; my twitter page »

• Some small free / open source games I've written (Sokoban and Tetris clones)

African languages information site; I'm also lead programmer of various online dictionaries, including Swahili, Northern Sotho, Lusoga, Kalenjin, Jarai, and more.


I'm a part-time artist, focusing mainly on figure painting and portraits, and I work mainly in oil; click the images below to see more work.

Nude on Couch - Oil on Canvas - David Joffe 2016.jpg
Pet Portrait Lulu - Oil on Canvas 8x8 - David Joffe - 2014.jpg
Keilah Baby Portrait - Pencil Sketch A5 - 2013
Cat - Pencil 1994


    • Some photos »

Gordons Bay Winter Wonderland Sunset
Old Harbour Sunset
Gordons Bay Winter Wonderland People Watching Sunset 1920x1080
    Gordons Bay beach panorama photo (360° ... not the best stitching, sorry). Taken 2011-12-05.
    Gordons Bay beach (2012)
    Misc images


• A few old childhood-drawn comics I hope to sort and upload properly at some stage. [More scans of Milo the Hamster comics here » .. now mostly complete.]


This is something of an 'experiment' in using Google Image aggregation to create a pseudo-'gallery of artists'. The point is mainly to help rapidly gain an overview of the work of many different artists, 'at a glance' (and perhaps help you find something you like). Each block of thumbnails should hopefully, in a sense, crudely but concisely capture the essence of each artist's work. The main focus is on living/current/recent artists. (Warning: The page is very large, it may slow your browser.)

artist gallery


• A long time ago, I used to run a website called the Microsoft Crash Gallery - that's now archived here »
• Around 1995/1996, I created a (never-completed) 2D side-scrolling game Dave Gnukem - that is now hosted here » (News Oct 2016: I am 'un-abandoning' this and intend to bring it to some sort of 'version 1' completion. It is now hosted on a public source code repository here: Dave Gnukem github page)
• A few of my early QBasic/QuickBasic Programs from back when I started programming (in the early 90's) (from my old website)
• During the peak of the Y2K "scare", I did a parody site of a Y2K panic-monger: Y2K for Conmen (original here)
• An ancient Linux screenshots gallery I was working on long ago
• Small 15-piece slider puzzle implementation I created ages ago (for Windows 95 (!) - still runs on Windows 10 (!))


I seem to have accounts all over the place:
• My Twitter page
• My LiveCoding.tv channel (archive of my LiveCoding videos) - I stream very actively/regularly on LiveCoding.tv
• Our YouTube channel for the company - most of my other software-related videos are here
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