David Joffe "About me", in brief:

• I am co-founder of TshwaneDJe Software and Consulting, and lead developer of a.o. TLex lexicography software, tlTerm terminology management software, tlCorpus corpus query software, and tlDatabase generic data editing software.

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• My blog » (with miscellaneous commentary on art, software, science, reason, etc.) ; my twitter page »

• Some small free / open source games I've written (Sokoban and Tetris clones)

African languages information site; I'm also lead programmer of various online dictionaries, including Swahili, Northern Sotho, Lusoga, Kalenjin, Jarai, and more.


I'm a part-time artist, focusing mainly on figure painting and portraits, and I work mainly in oil; click the images below to see more work.

Nude on Couch - Oil on Canvas - David Joffe 2016.jpg
Pet Portrait Lulu - Oil on Canvas 8x8 - David Joffe - 2014.jpg
Keilah Baby Portrait - Pencil Sketch A5 - 2013
Cat - Pencil 1994


    • Some photos »

Gordons Bay Winter Wonderland Sunset
Old Harbour Sunset
Gordons Bay Winter Wonderland People Watching Sunset 1920x1080
    Gordons Bay beach panorama photo (360° ... not the best stitching, sorry). Taken 2011-12-05.
    Gordons Bay beach (2012)
    Misc images


• A few old childhood-drawn comics I hope to sort and upload properly at some stage. [More scans of Milo the Hamster comics here » .. now mostly complete.]


This is something of an 'experiment' in using Google Image aggregation to create a pseudo-'gallery of artists'. The point is mainly to help rapidly gain an overview of the work of many different artists (and perhaps help you find something you like). Each block of thumbnails should hopefully, in a sense, crudely but concisely capture the essence of each artist's work. (Warning: The page is very large, it may slow your browser.)

antonio carzola


• A long time ago, I used to run a website called the Microsoft Crash Gallery - that's now archived here »
• Around 1995/1996, I created a (never-completed) 2D side-scrolling game Dave Gnukem - that is now hosted here »
• A few of my early QBasic/QuickBasic Programs from back when I started programming (in the early 90's) (from my old website)
• During the peak of the Y2K "scare", I did a parody site of a Y2K panic-monger: Y2K for Conmen (original here)
• An ancient Linux screenshots gallery I was working on long ago


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