My views on art can (in short) be summed up as: I am pro-revival of the tradition of beauty and skill in art.

Please contact me for any inquiries, or if you are interested in any commissioned portraits, figure paintings, or other works. I am based in Stellenbosch and Tel Aviv, but I can ship prints/artworks to anywhere in the world. Check back regularly or follow me on social media for updates, news and new works. About »

(Sep 2016) Started added progress images of these artworks »

(2020) As my site was delisted, I've moved all my nude art to a new separate subdomain, in case it somehow helps. So the idea is, this site will now be strictly entirely 'family-friendly' and 'SFW' (Safe For Work), but all the artistic nudity will go on this new subdomain. (Thus anyone who wants to filter or block artistic nudity can block the separate subdomain, but do not need to filter, as it will be fully family-friendly.)

(News Nov 2018) Relocated to Tel Aviv
(News Dec 2017) Top 20 finalist in Bic pen art competition
(News Feb 2016) Four of the below recent paintings will be at the Arts Association Bellville Members Exhibition from 2 Mar (opening 18:30) until 19 Mar.
(News Jul 2015) "Nude by Window" and "Woman on Couch" will be at the Tiny Treasures II fundraising exhibit of the Art.b Bellville community gallery until 29 July, and can be purchased there. ("There are 650 works by 110 artists .. all are 20cm x 20cm and will be sold for a maximum price of R1500")

[New Dec 2019] New art prints available for sale

Individually-signed art prints available for sale. Framed or unframed. I can ship anywhere. ~$99 unframed (and originally-signed) for the stairs drawing. Size A3. Subject: Melissa. Contact me

Art Prints
Melissa by Stairs (Pencil) 2019
Portrait (Pencil) 4yo girl

Small painting process video:

2013 - current

Pets/Animals (2017 - )

Unwanted, 2017 (Kitten, Pen on Paper)

Drawing Time-lapse Video (Cat/Kitten), 2017:

Older Work



Drawing Time-lapse Video (Hamburger), 2017:


Though I don't claim to live up to this, my personal 'philosophy on art' and 'guiding goals' are partially outlined in the following two articles on my blog:
Last Refuges of Great Art »
Surprise - Relevance of Modern Art Questioned »
(In short, a pro-reason, anti-nihilism value system that embraces life, vitality, civilization, aesthetics, progress, knowledge, skill, and achievement - I think art should "unashamedly enrich the lives of ordinary people" and/or attempt to inspire in some small way.)