Contact Me

I can be contacted in the following ways:
▸ Via email at the following address: david at (sorry, for spam prevention purposes, you'll have to put that together).
▸ Via my software business (TshwaneDJe)'s contact form
▸ Direct-message me on twitter (note I am not always active on Twitter)
Apologies in advance if I don't get back to you quickly; please do try again if you don't get an immediate reponse.

Also look for me live on my live-stream channels.


I seem to have accounts all over the place:
• My Twitter page
• My channel (archive of my LiveCoding videos) - I stream very actively/regularly on
• My personal github page (Dave Gnukem, Sokoban etc.)
• Our YouTube channel for the company - most of my other software-related videos are here
• My Instagram page
• My Pinterest page
• My Facebook page (art)
• My Flickr page
• My LinkedIn page
• My DeviantArt page
• My Ello page
• My profile
• My page
• My Google Plus page
• My profile (now defunct)
• My Google Scholar Profile
• My YouTube channel
• My channel
• My profile (mostly unused)
• Our github page for TshwaneDJe
• My vimeo page (not too much here yet)
• My bitbucket page (presently only private repositories)
• As of ~Oct 2017, a Tumblr profile. Yes, Tumblr.