Game Development

I am available for professional game development. I specialize in C++ development and have experience with low-level APIs such as Direct3D, OpenGL, PhysX, as well as Unreal Engine; I can also do Vulkan work (the 'OpenGL replacement'). I have extensive experience developing VR (Virtual Reality) applications. I'm one of those developers you can throw virtually any kind of work at; contact me if you have a requirement to discuss - I'll let you know if I can assist or not. (I can also work remotely from anywhere and have experience with Git and Subversion.)

I also have broad cross-platform development experience (Windows, macOS, Linux).

As of writing, I'm currently working on a new (closed-source) game project in C++ with Unreal Engine, which I am able to periodically livestream on Twitch.


Below are several free or open source games I've written over the years as 'hobby side projects':

Dave Gnukem A retro-style game that could perhaps be thought of as a parody (albeit not a very funny one) of the famous 1991 DOS classic, Duke Nukem 1. It is open source (C++) and has been ported to many platforms. It has a github repo.


Still Yet Another Sokoban An open source implementation of the popular puzzle game, in which the goal is to push the crates onto the designated squares without getting stuck.


Falling Blocks A game based on something resembling Tetris(TM) but in no way is it Tetris(TM).

• Finally, a few really ancient and probably uninteresting things here (simple slider piece puzzle) and here (QBasic stuff ~1990s).

Virtual Reality Work

In the past, years ago, I was one of the lead developers for the 5DT simulator systems such as these: