Retro Screenshots

A few old retro odds and ends, e.g. 'computing in the 90s' stuff.

Windows 3.1:

Perspective: The "C:\WINDOWS" folder of Win3.1 took only around ~30MB! By contrast, Windows 10 in 2020 is over ~20GB. They knew how to make efficient software back then.

Windows 3.1 with Pipe Dream, Chess, Paintbrush, AmiPro etc.

Screenshot of Windows 3.1 with the famous old 'Pipe Dream' game, chess, Windows paintbrush, and more. The icons had an elegant stylishness to them.

Ami Pro on Windows 3.1

Windows 3.1 desktop with Program Manager

Deluxe Paint:

Deluxe Paint with a "pixelart" 1994 16-color EGA spider drawing of mine (spider drawn in 1994, but screenshot taken in DOSBox recently). I only had 16 colors to work with back then - finally I have more colors to work with! Maybe I'll update it.

Back then I don't think we called it 'pixelart', it was just how you drew on computers, everything was pixely ... today there are still artists creating modern pixelart, some of it is very beautiful.

Note that while these screenshots are recent (~2020), the actual system setup comes directly from actual old backups 'frozen in time' I made long ago of different systems (e.g. my brother's old VGA 386 that had DOS and Windows 3.1, and my old 16-color EGA DOS 286 on which I did the spider drawing, and on which I played Duke Nukem 1, which led to Dave Gnukem) ... I literally just restored the backed up hard drives into a folder on Windows 10, then mounted them as my main C: and D: drives in DOSBox.

It luckily "just worked" 'out of the box'! Amazing. Especially as nothing in computers "just works". Everything was there as we'd left it years ago when the systems were packed up and backed up, from old high scores, to our documents.

If you're wondering "how I installed Windows 3.1" here into DOSBox, well, I didn't install it ... it was installed back in the 90s! Even the layout of the icons was as it was 20 odd years ago.

Likewise, I didn't install games like Pipe Dream ... the applications were just where we left them all those years ago when I made the backups.

The only one thing I did do, was follow these instructions for "Installing Video Drivers" for getting 1024x768 64K display mode enabled in Windows.

So basically I:

1. Installed DOSBox

2. Unzipped the old "C:" drive backup to my local folder m:\dos\c

3. Unzipped the old "D:" drive backup to my local folder m:\dos\d

Ran DOSBox

Typed "mount c m:\dos\c

Typed "mount d m:\dos\d

Typed "C:"

Then I'm in the C: drive in DOS.

To run Windows, just "cd WINDOWS" and enter "WIN"